During my career as SCOM Management Pack developer, I have create a number of MPs for different subjects. Some of these MPs are very specific or cover a tiny aspect, not applicable for most the IT environments, but the rest are generic and some of them are complete projects. These ones are listed below.

Warning! Most of the MPs listed on this page are intellectual property of Revera Ltd., New Zealand. They are not for sale or distribution.

NetApp ONTAP Storage Cluster MP

The management pack is compatible with ONTAP API versions 8 and 9 (tested). It’s mostly concentrated on volume and availability and performance.

VMware vSphere MP

VMware virtualization management pack covers basic availability aspects of virtualization environment. On the top of basic native monitors, the management pack uses alarms defined in vCenter to alert on any defined aspect. The management pack doesn’t include per-virtual machine monitoring at the moment.

Redfish Bare-Metal Hardware Monitoring MP

This management pack is capable to monitor compatible physical servers without any in-OS agents or deployed software. The MP directly communicates with server’s management module to pull hardware health status and inventory. Redfish protocol is supported by Dell, HP, and Supermicro.

Sophos AV Client MP

This is an end-point targeted management pack, which is to ensure, that Sophos endpoint protection antivirus client is healthy and protects target server or workstation. The management pack is developed for enterprise deployment of Sophos.

URL Monitoring MP (Opensource)

This management pack is to ensure availability of a web-site or a particular web-address. It can monitor variety of aspects like name resolution, certificate validity and expiration (for HTTPS), as well as perform ping, HTTP, and JSON probes.

Nutanix Hyper-converge Cluster MP

This management pack utilizes Nutanix REST API and Nutanix health API to report any problems to SCOM. Unlike majority of management packs, which have predefined monitors, this MP is a meta-MP. It automatically creates SCOM monitors from currently defined Nutanix health policy. When cluster’s firmware upgraded and new policy appear, it automatically create new monitors.

Active Directory MP (Security Audit)

Microsoft has already covered most of AD aspects in their native MPs. Therefore, this management pack is concentrated on security audit features (like group membership change). The most distinctive feature of this AD MP is ability to work with multiple mutually untrusted AD environments.

Hitachi S-series Storage Platform MP

Monitors most of hardware health and service availability for Hitachi S-10 and S30 platforms.

Hitachi Content Platform MP

Monitors Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) administrative and tenant availability. Uses both HCP REST API and SNMP protocols.

Log Shipping MP (Open Source)

Enables shipping of any selected Windows Event log to a central location from any SCOM-monitored Windows Server.

Small projects and automation:

Certificate Control Panel

Allows remote SCOM Agent certificate renewal via SCOM Console.

Override Analyzer

A concrete answer to “How my SCOM is configured?” question.

Scheduled Maintenance Mode

Still valid for SCOM 2016!


Health Service Watcher. A guard for guard: watches the SCOM Agent service and ensure it’s running. Allows safe SCOM Agent self-restart.

Time MP

Looks after Widows Time service and test monitored server time against SCOM Management group time.