How Scalar UDF Inlining in SQL Server 2019 broke SCOM default property values.

What is Scalar UDF Inlining? You can read about Scalar UDF Inlining in great details here:, but in general, it’s exactly what how it sounds. UDF is an abbreviation for User Defined Function, and scalar means it returns a single value of simple type. Like int, varchar, float, etc. To improve query performance, SQL… Read More

Accidental Task: Hyper-V default switch and VMs on static IP addresses.

When running a small test sandbox using Hyper-V, the default switch is an ideal “quick and dirty” solution to provide hosted VM internet access (shared with the local workstation). Such configuration is extremely helpful for developers and testers, who can just run few VMs on their desktop or laptop. Of cause, a fully blown corporate… Read More

Accidental Task: Test SCCM Certificate Expiration.

When System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Client connects to upstream management point, it should confirms it identity. In an environment with a single security realm (i.e. in the same Active Directory forest), such identification is implemented seamlessly without any additional configuration. However, if management points are not in the same trusted environment, then certificates come… Read More