DNS Server extension for Maximus Connectivity Monitoring SCOM MP.

Today I released the initial version of another extension for the Maximus Connectivity Monitoring SCOM management pack: Maximus Connectivity DNS Monitoring. The extension is build with a help from the DNSClient.NET library: https://github.com/MichaCo/DnsClient.NET. This is a simple, yet powerful, DNS client for C#/.Net applications build by MichaCo (https://github.com/MichaCo/DnsClient.NET/commits?author=MichaCo). The new extension implements one but powerful… Read More

SCOM Platform in 5 minutes. Part 1: Health Model.

With this article, I’m starting a new series of short not-longer-than-5-minutes lessens on SCOM platform architecture. The plan is to make knowledge burst from zero to full in-depth understanding of the platform. Each lesson will cover a single aspect of the platform’s mechanics or principles. Let’s begin. Before SCOM can start monitoring a computer, application,… Read More



This blog is for anyone who want to learn how to create management packs for System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). What is that? Why the subject so specific? Why anyone would need this? Let’s jump in. The Platform At the first look System Center Operations Manager is a monitoring tool from Microsoft, thus targeting Microsoft… Read More