Extending SCOM Console UI (continue)

Part 2. An extended transcript of my session @ SCOMathon 2021. I hope the demo from the first part demonstrated how easy you can add new views to SCOM Console. With just few lines of code and some time spent in forms designer we created not just a simple static extension, but also demonstrated access… Read More

Extending SCOM Console UI

Part 1. An extended transcript of my session @ SCOMathon 2021. Links for this article: SCOMathon 2021: https://scomathon.com/scomathon-2021-1 SCOMathone @ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/scomathon/ SquaredUp: https://squaredup.com/ GitHub repository for the demo project in this article: https://github.com/MaxxVolk/SCOMathon.UIExtension.Demo GitHub repository with a base library to simplify development of managed modules and Console UI extensions: https://github.com/MaxxVolk/Maximus.Base.Library Tools: Visual Studio (any… Read More